Blue Mail App Download For Android & iOS

Blue Mail App for Android & iOS is one e-mail app that will leave you feeling all impressed in terms of emailing.

The smartphone app is a universal  e-mail application capable of housing and managing numerous e-mail Blue mail accounts, unlimited account for that fact.

Not only that you can manage different Blue mail account with the Blue Mail app but you can even manage your numerous mail accounts from numerous provides.

Enjoy the smart push notification feature and group emailing when you download this app. Blue mail App in addition, enables you personalize across multiple e-mail accounts.

Interestingly, Blue mail app is entirely FREE!
No fee paid for downloading the app and it’s superbly designed with awesome interface, which makes Blue mail app all user-friendly.

Blue mail app comes with features that only leave you wowing; including support for IMAP, POP3 + Exchange(ActiveSync & EWS) and much more…

Basic Features of Blue Mail App For android & iOS

Manage multiple providers e-mail account; including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook and Office 365

  • Support for IMAP, POP3 + Exchange (ActiveSync & EWS) Auto Configuration
  • Sync multiple mailboxes from all of your providers in a Unified Interface
  • True push e-mail for the widest range of mail services
  • Material Design & Lollipop