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Aside the undeniable fact that Bitmoji app is utterly free for download, you can really link Bitmoji to the next social app for free too.

With Bitmoji app, you can do magic on your Snapchat app. Simply download and link to your Snapchat account. Best part is that once you link Bitmoji to your Snapchat, you can now do the editing in your Snapchat and even when you delete your Bitmoji app, you can continue using its features on Snapchat.

When you download Bitmoji app you can even connect it to your other apps like Tinder online dating app.

Guess you don’t know this? You can do so much editing including making yourself with bitmoji, use its powerful editing features to change the colours of the eyes, beards, hairs and do much more.

Download Bitmoji App – Free Bitmoji Download

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