This post helps you complete Bitmoji app download for Android phone device; In any case, you’ll be capable to download Bitmoji app at the end of this post.

With Bitmoji app download for Android customizing emojis becomes a lot fun and you can now create an expensive cartoon avatar and pick from an enormous library of stickers.

But before you’ll you can achieve all of that, you need to link up Snapchat to external Bitmoji app which you’ll have to download first. And this is why we have designed this provide you the link to Bitmoji app download for Android.

Nevertheless, there’s also Bitmoji for iOS which enables those who use iPhone and iPad to also enjoy and benefit from the Bitmoji app features. It is that easy.

Bitmoji App Download For Android – Features & How to Use

One interesting thing about Bitmoji app download for Android, is that once you have linked Bitmoji with Snapchat, the stickers becomes permanently kept by Snapchat and all the time ready for use even if you uninstall Bitmoji app from your device.

What’s even more? You can change colours of eyeballs, your beards, hair. And you can change your hair style and your beard style to the various styles people normally carry in real life.

More fun is that even body fitness can even be selected and customised using Bitmoji and so you can customise just like you look in real time.

Meanwhile if you aren’t using Bitmoji for Snapchat, then you must access the Bitmoji app directly to make your Bitmoji, but if you want to use it for Snapchat, then you must link it up.

Once done, you’ll see login as “Your Snap ID” when you open Bitmoji. And you’ll go to Snapchat and that’s where you can edit your Bitmoji.

While on Snapchat, look on top screen at the area for Snap code and snap score, you’ll see an option on the left top corner written “Edit Emoji”. And again, you’ll only see this if you have linked Bitmoji to your Snapchat.

Once you click it, you can then edit your Bitmoji like you do in your Bitmoji app download for Android.

Download Bitmoji App – Bitmoji App Download For Android

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