App Share Application Download – App share makes it easy to share the market links of the apps you like with your friends by social networks or e-mail. It’s very easy to use; you can share apps to your friends by one tap.

This App also let you sort your application by Name Size Time Date. It also lets you Sort in Ascending order or Descending order.  It is super easy to use for everybody who uses android devices. It can share the market link of your apps in alternative ways – e-mail, twitter, Facebook, messages, Bluetooth. Any communicate or social network apps installed on your phone, can be used to share.

Features of App Share Application

1. App Share allows sorting in Ascending and descending order.

2. It also allow Multi App Sharing at a time.

3. It has App Share.

4. It has Batch apps share.

5. It has Installed app list.

6. It has App search by name.

How to Download App Share Application

To download app share application for your Android phone is very easy and easy to complete. All you need do is solely click on the link below, and on the other page, simply click on “Install” and proceed to download and install the app to your phone.

Do make sure you grant App share application access to your cell phone, as this will enable app’s full functionality. Once done, go ahead and begin using and enjoying your app share application.

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