Download Airportraits for Android

Download Airportraits for Android. Recently the FaceApp phenomenon has exploded again and has become completely viral, however we already have another tool that converts our selfies through the use of neural networks.

This is AI Portraits, a web page with which we can upload a photo and it will become a classic work of art.

Download Airportraits for Android

It is known that the algorithm behind AI Portraits has been made based on 45,000 classic paintings by very famous artists in the world of painting. The results are excellent, as they give the real feeling that the work has been hand painted.

As described by the tool itself, AI Portraits Ars is capable of painting portraits in real time and 4K resolution thanks to the use of GAN networks. In this case we have two neural networks, one to recognize the portraits of the uploaded photos and another to generate the pictures.

How to use AI Portraits?

It is very simple, you just have to access the website of the application to upload your photo, choose the image and click on download or share on any of your social networks, it has no additional complications or anything like that.

For the choice of the style of the resulting work, not only the lines of the face are taken into account, but also the background surrounding the person. If, for example, the background is bluish, the painting will have a style that conveys that feeling. Therefore, the same person in different funds will receive very different works of art.

The creators of the tool recommend experimenting with different forms: Smiling, with clear backgrounds, making faces or with glasses. The results will be very different. Also a curiosity, in the same way that classic portraits do not show people smiling, AI Portraits will not create laughing images either.

Download AI Portraits

Unlike FaceApp, AI Portraits has no mobile application. The service can be used for free and easily by clicking here. Once inside we will simply have to upload a photo and automatically the server will generate the classic work of art based on our face. The detection is quite good, although if the face does not look directly sometimes it causes problems.

Download Airportraits for Android

Privacy Policy

Additionally, the first time you use the tool, a privacy notice will appear that we must accept where it is informed that the image will be uploaded to the web servers to be processed, although it will later be deleted.

In the case of FaceApp, its complex terms of use presented a supposed problem among famous or regular users, with a very cumbersome and annoying privacy policy that indicated the use and sending of our data to their servers. Thing that does not happen with AI Portraits, that being a university project its privacy policy is very simple.

This is the privacy policy of AI Portraits: “Your photos are sent to our servers to generate portraits. We will not use your photo data for any other purpose and we will delete them immediately.”

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