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The players have individual boards to each one of them with special skills or Wonders, that make reference to the name of this excellent game Seven Wonders developed for Android, as well as for PC and that today we will teach them how to download and more about it.

seven wonders for android free download full app apk

Game Strategy 7 Wonders App Download for Android

This application that does not have much time in the market, as well as its version 7 Wonders for PC. Essentially 7 Wonders is a game of cards, strategy, thinking and development. There are cards with immediate effects, others offer bonuses or upgrades for later stages of the game, other cards create discounts in tribute payments, there are also military strength to dominate neighboring players and others give points.

While 7 Wonders for Android has a gameplay of 3 to 7 players, there is a version in which two players can face each other in a duel, modifying a bit the mechanics of the game, but maintaining the strategic essence of Seven Wonders.

Board Game App Seven Wonders

When we think of 7 Wonders we think of a magnificent game of strategy, psychological understanding of the opponent and, as in chess, we always privilege the fact of being one step ahead of the opponent. 7 Wonders for Android has a very interesting game mechanic, each player of the game is given 7 cards, choose one and immediately afterwards pass the rest of the cards to the next player. Players publicly display their cards at the same time, having three ways to do this:

  • Discarding it to receive gold
  • Using it to evolve his”Wonder”
  • Using it

In the latter case you must pay a tribute with resources, if necessary and that’s when the interesting part of 7 Wonders for Android appears, where players begin to interact with each other.

seven wonders for android free download full app apk

Where can I play 7 Wonders App?

While 7 Wonders is a card game that was initially used to play face-to-face, with physical people sitting around a table, currently the advancement of technology and the media allow us to play 7 Wonders App for Android, iOS, existing also 7 Wonders Full Game Strategy for PC Windwos 7, 8, 10, XP, Mac and Laptop, in fact, it is a very light game and easy to make the download full.

Seven Wonders game free download full version

For the knowledge of our readers, we always send the users of Download for Android as well as Download for PC to the main page of the creator of a certain Midia, Game or Tool. 7 Wonders is a default game and its Free Full Download is not available. We invite you to know the very low cost of this game in the official link that will redirect you to the main page of 7 Wonders App for Android where you can find all the information you need.

Download Free 7 Wonders Full PC Game for Android Official Website
seven wonders for android free download full app apk

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