Popular Essential Android Apps For Mobile Devices.

The emergence of Android mobile operating system comes with plenty of Apps, including these essential android apps designed for Android smartphone users. This is seen in the Google Play Store where there are millions of Android mobile Apps.

Truth is, while some of these are essential Android apps, some seem not to worth it. The essentiality here means, these group we termed essential android apps offers a level of tangible value and functionality to your Android mobile device.

Irrespective of their category, they make things a lot easier and convenient…whether media app, tools, Education and more.

This list of essential Android Apps is never on the hierarchy of importance, as all of them are all important in their own way, as they perform different but vital functions on your device.

Android Device Manager

The number one in the list is the Android Device Manager. As much as this app is not an everyday app, its functionality is very paramount. Should you ever lose your phone, Android device manager helps you locate the phone or even reset the lock pin in addition to erase phone data in the cases of theft or loss.


Duolingo remains among the best language learning apps that has ever been introduced. Do you want to learn English, German, Greek, even Swahili and much more languages, duolingo has you covered; offering you mastery over speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is among the essential android apps that you wouldn’t want to miss in the list of apps in your cell phone device. It lets you connect with friends, allows you make free calls to friends….interestingly, you can use messenger without Facebook account.


This android app can be referred to as news bunk. It gathers series of news from numerous sources to house them in one place. Making it a lot convenient to have a handful of news to access on the go!


Are you a music lover and want to look at songs of your favourite artistes, then Spotify is the app for you. As a popular music streaming app service, you can get all the songs and music albums just as they’re released.

Google Translate

Google Translate is such a helpful tool. It helps translate things you may not have ordinarily understood, and breaks them down in the language you can grab them. Google Translate can translate different languages for your benefit.


Pocket as one of the essential android apps helps you gather handful of stories and articles from over the web, which it saves for you to read later. The app is nice in discovering and recommending interesting stories based on who you follow even on social media platform. Thus, you can save pocket from Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, Safari and more.


Similar to Snapchat, Instagram appear to be the rave of the moment. One of the best and popular android apps to have installed on your mobile device. This app lets you share your photos and short videos with friends, discover and follow people you have an interest in, and feel every moment.

Google Map

This is usually recommended for each traveler. Google map is capable of taking you through out your travel or trip around locations you have never been to. With constant improvement and added features, this app gives you such experience as king it’s.


With CamScanner on your phone, you are good to go in any moment you ever need to scan your documents. It is quite simple to use and scans documents as neatly and clearly as possible. It is one incredible essential Android apps I loved from the very first day I discovered it.

Avast Mobile Security

The last but not the least in the list of the essential Android apps is the Avast mobile security. Your android mobile device worth all the security you can offer it; and Avast has been considered as among the best security apps for cellphones.

This is all about the essential android apps as compiled by downloadforandroid.org and remember this is never on the bases of importance. There are other numerous essential android apps out there, but for the purpose of time and space we have this list for you. They are essential and amongst the best for you.

Using the comment box below, recommend and drop the essential android apps you ever know and have used.